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The most authenticated Delivery and Logistics Services in Jordan

The big growth in eCommerce in 2019 led to the big need in logistics service providers in Jordan. The logistics service provider influences the reputation of you products. You have found one of the best delivery companies in Jordan that’ll exceed your expectations in accuracy, time, price, and more. It is time to choose the best supplier because your business deserves the best.

Whether you’re looking for a logistics partner in Jordan to deliver your orders within 24, or an on demand delivery service, or an international shipping company, Spex is always the best choice. Spex founded in 2015 became the logistics partner that exclusively serving the biggest retail shops in Jordan.

How we compare to delivery in Jordan

Spex is one of the high performing delivery companies in Jordan in terms of responsiveness and productivity. Spex has a very high response, Its operations team provides excellent warehouse management and ground delivery services. At the same time we operate on a productivity formula that keeps our delivery services running in an excellent status. Our responsiveness is managed in a way that avoids the degrading in the productivity. 

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Our Comprehensive logistics services to deliver goods and products on Jordan and to the world has been highly reputed by our loyal customers.

Eng. Mahmoud N. Al Khayyat

Word of the CEO

Logistics is a sensitive issue that affects directly Jordanian and the world economy. I’ve been striving on developing this sectors for years with the vision of building a Jordanian logistics company that competes on an international standard, because Jordan is the middle of the Middle East and should be the logistics hub by serving the Middle East region.


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More than 300 Ecommerce shops in Jordan trust Spex 

More than 300 shops in Jordan trust Spex. Three of the biggest retail shops in Jordan. 

Variety of Logistics and Delivery services in Jordan

Spex provides variety of logistics services that cover all your corporate needs. On demand, second day, dedicated, and international shipping is all part of our catalog.

High delivery customer service response 

Spex provides high customer service response compared to the needs of the delivery market in Jordan. Our award wining customer service team is always available to serve you through many channels.

Delivery and order accurate tracking system for Delivery  in Jordan

Spex uses the latest technology to help tracking your orders, exporting reports, and getting instant orders updates. We deliver your goods and services and update you with its status instantly as it changes.

Representable couriers for delivery in all Jordan cities

We appoint, coach, and train our drivers to become the best courier drivers in Jordan. Our captains abide with all regulations that represent your entity in the best standard.

Fast cash deposit to your bank account for Cash on delivery

Deliver your goods to any place in Jordan and get paid through our couriers. We will deposit the cash in your account within 48 hours of receiving it. Our accounting team is able to serves more than 300 happy customers in 2021 and is ready to double the number in 2022.

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